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About the Miss Universe Organization


The Miss Universe Organization, producers of the MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA® and MISS TEEN USA® competitions, is an international company that advances and supports today’s women. These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The contestants who become part of the Miss Universe Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals who participate in the competitions to advance their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others.

Television… and More

Hundreds of millions of people know the Miss Universe Organization as the producer of landmark annual television events, but that is only the most public element of this diverse group of dedicated people. Just as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is known for the annual live television event, The Academy Awards, the Miss Universe Organization is most recognized for its live TV specials. Those popular events, however, are just the beginning.

The organization has redefined itself, just as it is redefining the world’s views of the women who attain its exclusive titles and as it is communicating women’s views of their own roles.

The Miss Universe Organization provides the opportunities – the mentoring, career training, resources and life experiences – for women to be personally enriched through the organization’s year-round support of all aspects of their lives, from their own personal career goals to social and humanitarian causes and work.

The titleholders of the Miss Universe Organization personify the combination of beauty and intelligence that defines the 21st Century. In keeping with its global view and position as creator of role models, the Miss Universe Organization has a new corporate structure and enhanced corporate goals.

60 Years… and Making History…

Very few “brands” or entertainment properties reach 50th anniversaries, let alone with new energy, strength and influence. The Miss Universe Organization, now in its 60th year, is an exception. Stronger than ever, its global reach and impact are setting standards for the future.

Big-Event Entertainment

The focus of the televised specials is to produce “big-event” entertainment. The cutting-edge productions better represent the women who are part of them. Productions add topical and important segments that reflect the mission of the overall competitions and of the participants themselves.

The personal bests the women seek to achieve by cultivating their passions, humor, education and more will both honor the long and popular traditions of the Miss Universe Organization and define contemporary women.

Worldwide Resources

The Miss Universe Organization has offices in New York and representatives worldwide. It is staffed by experts in fields ranging from marketing and TV production to licensing and travel, providing a range of services for women.

The Contestants

MISS UNIVERSE® and MISS USA® contestants must be at least 18 years old (a policy which began in 1991) and under 27 (by January 1st in the year they participate in the national). MISS TEEN USA® candidates must be at least 14 and under 19 (by January 1st in the year they participate in the national).


Utilizing its nationwide grass roots infrastructure, the Miss Universe Organization is committed to increasing HIV/AIDS awareness by focusing on women’s health and reproductive issues. By forging relationships with organizations committed to research and education such as the Latino Commission on AIDS, God’s Love We Deliver, APICHA and Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Miss Universe is armed to impact women today.


Utilizing its nationwide grass roots infrastructure, the Miss Universe Organization is committed to increasing awareness of breast and ovarian cancers. By forging relationships with organizations committed to research and education, such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Gilda’s Club, Miss USA is armed to educate women today.


Miss Teen USA spends her year building relationships with organizations devoted to education and action, such as Best Buddies, Sparrow Clubs and Project Sunshine.


The Miss Universe Organization is a global organization reaching every state and scores of countries around the world. As their preliminary steps the Delegates compete in local and/or state pageants; which are produced by local and state pageant directors. The state winners become the contestants for the national competition. MISS UNIVERSE® delegates must win their respective national titles in their countries to compete in the event.

An Unbelievable Year Ahead

The Titleholders then embark on a year unlike anything else, receiving exciting prizes, cash and services, as well as:

Part of each Titleholder’s prize package is an employment contract with the Miss Universe Organization.

The Titleholder becomes a representative of the company for one year, traveling the world, meeting heads of state, dignitaries, participating in official charity and social events, appearing on television, speaking on a variety of topics, and getting the education, experiences and values to fulfill her career goals.

MISS UNIVERSE® and MISS USA® are provided with a luxury apartment in New York City during their term.

MISS TEEN USA®, because she is usually still a student, lives at home and makes appearances during weekends and vacations.

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