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Miss Vermont USA FAQ

Q:What are the requirements for entering the pageant?
A:If you are single (never married), never given birth to or have adopted a child, a United States citizen, a resident of the state of Vermont, and you are at least 18 but under 28 as of January 1, 2018, you are eligible to apply to become an entrant.

Q:What you are looking for in your winner?
A:We are looking for an outstanding person that will represent Vermont in appearances around the state, as well as at the national MISS USA® Pageant in 2018.

Q:How do you decide which girls in the community will receive an invitation to participate?
A:We use consultants who assemble mailing lists for our use. They use information they gather from school-related activities, community activities, general mailing lists, etc.

Q:What happens after I submit my invitation to apply and my photo?
A:Once your form and snapshot are submitted, we will submit your information to a review committee. They will determine if they feel you would make a good candidate for the title. If you are accepted to participate in the pageant, you will receive a notice by email.

Q:Is there an entry fee and if so how much is it?
A:There is a sponsorship fee of $895.00 which covers your participation fee, certain meals during pageant weekend, the marketing and production of the event, as well as a year round staff to prepare the winner for her further competitions and reign. If accepted, you will receive paperwork to help secure sponsorships to cover this fee.

Q:What are my responsibilities should I win and how much time & expense is involved for me and my family?
A:Time involved should you become Miss Vermont USA® varies on your location within the state and your desire to make appearances. We make every effort to obtain appearances for titleholders, but realize that your education and family are a high priority, so we do our best to accommodate school and family when arranging appearances. Again, this is on a case-by-case basis and requires much coordination and communication between the titleholder and titleholder manager, who is assigned by Sanders & Associates. Appearances will be both on a local and statewide basis and may include parades, style shows, speaking engagements or trade shows.

Miss Vermont USA’s transportation to and from the MISS USA® Pageant are taken care of as part of her prize package. Also some wardrobe and other expenses are provided for. Transportation and expenses for parents to and from and at the national pageant are their own responsibility.

We understand your concerns as to time involved, and do everything possible to accommodate and coordinate schedules, but there are certain responsibilities that accompany the privilege of becoming Miss Vermont USA.

Q:What are the prizes and scholarship monies involved should I win?
A:Scholarship and prize money and packages differ from year to year according to sponsors that are obtained. For a look at last year’s prize package go to the Prizes page of this site.

Q:How do I get to the pageant site and what are my responsibilities once I am there?
What are the expenses incurred by my supporters and me once we arrive?
A:You are responsible for you own transportation to and from the state pageant location and for your lodging during the pageant weekend.

We have made arrangements for special pricing for our contestants and/or their family and friends with our Official Pageant Host Resort, the Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa in Stowe. For complete information call them at 1-800-253-2232 or 1-802-253-7355 and tell them that you are with the Miss Vermont USA and Miss Vermont Teen USA Pageants.

Admission to the shows is by ticket only. You as a contestant do not need a ticket – everyone else must have a ticket. You will receive a ticket order form in a future mailing. There is no limit on the number of tickets you may purchase, and you will be able to purchase them online or at the pageant itself prior to the shows.

You will receive an official program book, along with other gifts because of your participation. Your supporters may purchase these items along with flowers, jewelry, photo packages, videotapes and other items at the official Pageant Headquarters that will be set up Pageant Weekend.

The pageant is broken down into 3 phases of competition: Personal interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown. Each contestant is responsible for her wardrobe needs including an evening gown, one or two-piece swimsuit and interview outfit and all accessories. There will also be a production number that will involve an additional outfit.

Q:What are the judging criteria and clothing requirements for the pageant?
A:Interview- You will appear before the judges “panel style “. The procedure will have you standing at a podium in front of 2 panels of judges for a minimum of 2 minutes each. The judges will use this opportunity to consider your personality and overall presence. This is your chance to impress each judge with your opinions, ability to communicate, and overall sense of self. They will not be looking for rehearsed answers. They will have your Final Biography Form to use as a reference, but questions may be asked on any topic.

The most important thing to remember about the Personality Interview Competition is that it is ALL about your PERSONALITY! So when it comes to deciding what you will wear for this competition, allow your personality to influence your decision. Teen USA contestants are urged to wear whatever you feel is appropriate for an interview, with this thought; have fun with it while presenting yourself in a self-confident manner (no jeans). USA contestants are urged to be more sophisticated with your wardrobe choices.

Swimsuit – Miss USA contestants may choose either a one or two-piece swimsuit in any print, pattern, or design. Look for a style that flatters your body type. The suit must be in good taste; therefore, no thongs or Brazilian cut. Pantyhose are not permitted, but you may use leg makeup. Oils and heavy body lotions should not be used. To keep your swimsuit from riding up in the back, there are products called “Firm Grip” and “It Stays.” These products can be obtained online or in pageant/dress stores. Shoes should be 3” or higher. Taupe, tan, neutral color or clear shoes are recommended. Wearing bright shoes for swimsuit competition will bring attention to your feet. We recommend choosing a quality-made competition swimsuit that will be appropriate for onstage. Pay special attention to the swimsuit lining, due to the bright stage lighting.

Evening Gown- Judges focus on poise, overall appearance, and sense of fashion and style. No single detail of the gown, hair or make-up should garner attention. The overall effect should be a reflection of your personal style. You will need one evening gown. Choose your BEST color, a style that looks great on you and will show well on stage.

There will also be a production number that will involve an additional outfit. Criteria for this outfit will be updated when needed.

Q:Who are the judges and where do they come from?
A:We are hard at work, searching the country for outstanding individuals to serve in these positions. Our judges are always from varied and exciting backgrounds and include some of pageantry’s most qualified individuals. We do not ask, or allow, judges to repeat these duties any two consecutive years.

Q:Can anyone assist me while I am competing in the pageant?
A:Only contestants and staff are permitted in your hotel room, in the dressing room or backstage during the pageant weekend. Each contestant will share a room with another contestant. In order to keep the weekend organized, on schedule, and enjoyable for all participants, we have elected to limit the persons allowed into the contestant rooms. This way, one contestant doesn’t innocently dominate the room over the other by having a visitor, or visitors, coming and going. There will be pageant personnel in the dressing rooms to assist you with some of your preparation for the show. You should do most of your show preparation in your hotel room, prior to your arrival at the dressing room before show time. There will be time during the weekend for you to visit with family and friends between show time and rehearsals.

Preparing for the pageant should be FUN and can be done on your own. Please note that you must be “self-sufficient” during the pageant weekend, which means that no hair stylists or makeup artists will be allowed to assist you. So, if you do work with professionals prior to the pageant, make sure that they prepare you to do your own hair and makeup and truly be “self-sufficient”. If you have any questions regarding your preparations or just need some extra encouragements…don’t hesitate to call us!

Q:What if I have a tattoo or body piercing?
A:Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, and to this point we have not prohibited anyone from entering the pageant because of them. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, but judging is a subjective process done by each individual differently.

Should you feel that your tattoo might be offensive, you may want to make sure it is covered by your swimwear, gown or even body makeup. If you are uncomfortable with your naval piercing, you may want to make sure your wardrobe covers it, replace it with something smaller and less noticeable or remove it totally for pageant weekend.

Q:Where can I secure sponsors?
A:Sponsors can include, but are not limited to your family, friends, local businesses, fraternal organizations and clubs, schools, etc. You are not limited by geographic boundaries. You may secure sponsors from anywhere in or out of the state. If accepted, you will receive paperwork to help secure sponsorship. Sponsorship can help defray costs for entry fee, wardrobe, etc. You may have as many sponsors as you like, but you will be limited to acknowledging only 20 under your picture in the official program book. You may buy spotlight ads to highlight additional sponsors.

Q:What are spotlight ads?
A:Many contestants have asked to purchase special advertising pages in our Official State Program Book. So we are making up to 10 program book pages available per contestant. That is as many as 10 full-page ads or 20 half-page ads or any combination of the two. This is a great way for you as a contestant to gain added recognition and exposure by “spotlighting” your photo more than once in our book.

As a contestant, your photo is automatically included in our regular pageant lineup. The Spotlight Pages are something extra. Many times, your family members, friends, and other supporters want to give you added visibility. The Spotlight Pages are $350.00 for a full-page ad and $250.00 for a half-page ad.

DO NOT CONFUSE SPOTLIGHT ADS AND SPONSORSHIP FEES. Sponsorship Fees are required. Spotlight Advertising is not. Sponsors are listed in a special location in the program book. Spotlight advertisers and supporters will appear in your Spotlight Ads. YOU MAY PAY FOR YOUR SPOTLIGHT ADS BY CHECK, MONEY ORDER, OR CREDIT CARD. You may send camera-ready copy or you may send a rough sketch to us showing how you want your Spotlight Page(s) arranged. If you send a sketch, it is best if you obtain a business logo or letterhead from your advertiser(s) so that our printer can reproduce your Spotlight Page(s) clearly. If you do not send camera-ready copy, the printer will use his own discretion in arranging ad copy and cannot be held responsible for mistakes. Remember, you can reserve up to a total of 10 pages in the program book. Your advertisers and supporters may pay for Spotlight Pages by check, money order, or credit card. PLEASE NOTE: All credit card statements will show payments made to Pageant Associates.

Q:Can we videotape the pageant?
A:Only still cameras are permitted in the ballroom. Videotaping by members of the audience is prohibited. You will have the opportunity to purchase videotape and photo packages from our official photographers and videographers.

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